Sec of Florence was established on 20 June 1990 in a small 40 square metre workshop in the heart of Florence, a historic district in the heart of Florence. After working together for years as apprentices in a renowned workshop, the founders of Sec of Florence, Massimo Spinelli, Paolo Ermini and Stefano Cherici, decided to start their first business making silver frames. The company grew so quickly that the small shop soon moved to Borgo San Lorenzo, in the Florentine hills, and became a large production site to meet the demand for these high quality handcrafted products.

Since 2008, we have expanded our business to include our traditional and renowned Florentine products, available worldwide through our online shop.

All products are 100% handmade in Italy with Italian raw materials.

Due to an extremely positive response from customers, we have decided to make our products also available through shops.

Would you like to offer your customers the possibility of purchasing Sec Of Florence products in your shop?

To find out more, contact us via whatsapp +39 333 9378727 Lorenzo Spinelli

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